Maximising the Return on Your Investment

For more than 60 years Voermol Feeds has been enabling farmers to strategically feed their livestock in order to maximize their return on investment. 

Voermol produces a complete range of quality molasses based products which are scientifically balanced to meet the nutritional requirements of ruminants during various production stages and on all types of grazing. 

At the heart of the process, is the drive for efficient animal production.

Quality livestock nutrition information at your fingertips

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A wide range
of superior quality products

Voermol’s range of Supplements for ruminants includes phosphate licks (mineral supplements), production licks (energy supplements) and protein licks (maintenance supplements). Many of these products are also available in block form.
Voermol also produces a wide range of quality home mixing Concentrates for finishing cattle, sheep and goats, as well as for use in dairy meal and rations for stud and replacement animals, game, lambs and calves (creep feed).
In addition, a range of Liquid Feeds is available for enriching grains or low-grade roughage, for limiting wastage of unpalatable fodder and preserving grass and drought maize silage. Voermol’s liquid feeds are used profitably in cattle and sheep feedlots and as liquid protein licks.

The inherent value
of molasses based products

Voermol is a subsidiary of Tongaat Hulett Sugar, which is a division of Tongaat Hulett. In fact, Voermol was established as a direct result of the Group’s considerable sugar interests. The ‘mol’ in ‘Voermol’ is an abbreviation of molasses; a nutritive and highly palatable by-product of the sugar manufacturing process. Another sugar by-product utilized by Voermol in its livestock feeds is bagasse; the soft core of the sugar cane plant. Voermol Feeds became the first company in Africa and possibly the world, to successfully commercialise a combination of molasses and bagasse, thus converting molasses from a difficult to handle product into one which could be conveniently fed alone or mixed into other feeds. Molasses is not only a good source of energy, with vitamin B and trace minerals, but it is also a good binder and very palatable, thereby reducing dustiness of the feed and resulting in livestock being more likely to get a balanced intake, as they are less likely to feed selectively.

Tailor-made, cost-effective
animal nutrition solutions

Voermol’s nationwide, sales and technical teams engage daily with farmers in order to understand the specific needs of their enterprises and to provide tailor-made, cost-effective nutritional solutions, underpinned by expert technical advice and support.

VOERMOL’s commitment
to improving the productivity of livestock producers

As a leading role player in the ruminant feeds industry, Voermol is committed to the development of commercial and emerging livestock farming, in particular improving the productivity of beef, sheep, goat and ruminant game producers. Voermol’s commitment to improving the productivity of beef, sheep, goat and ruminant game producers incorporates: enabling producers to strategically feed their livestock in order for them to maximize the return on their investment; producing, gathering and disseminating valuable information to improve productivity; providing training and expert advice to commercial and emerging livestock farmers; providing financial support in the form of sponsorships to industry organizations; and fostering professional interactions in order to improve the agribusiness environment in the interest of all of South Africa’s livestock producers.

A Passion for Development

Voermol also supports the development of commercial and emerging livestock farmers through the sponsorship of industry organizations such as Agri SA, the National Wool Farmers Association, the Red Meat Producers Organisation, SA Studbook and TAU SA, as well as cattle, sheep and goat breeder societies. It is through combined industry efforts that farming communities receive assistance during times of drought in South Africa, with Voermol providing assistance in the form of livestock feed.