Bovelder Lick

Class: Protein, Mineral and Trace Mineral Supplement for Cattle
VOERMOL BOVELDER LICK is a cost effective maintenance lick for
cattle in sour veld areas with severe winters:
– specially formulated for areas where the intake of maintenance licks are too high;
– contains adequate amounts of natural protein and phosphorus to overwinter cattle in a cost effective manner;
– is a fully balanced ready-mixed lick which stimulates the microbes in the rumen and promotes the intake and digestion of dry winter grazing;
– provides trace elements which are essential for optimum appetite and fertility;
– helps prevent dry gall sickness since molasses is mildly laxative;
– is a concentrated source of protein which leads to a lower cost per unit protein;
– can be mixed with maize meal, hominy chop or any grains to give a production lick.