FOUR STEPS AWAY FROM Efficient Animal Production

The Voermol app:
Feed information at your fingertips

Farming is an increasingly scientific enterprise and producers need to focus on the ultimate goal: profitable production. But this can only be achieved if the producer has the right management tools.

And this is precisely what the Voermol app is – a tailormade solution for livestock farmers who regard scientific farming, productivity and profitability as the pillars of a healthy enterprise.


The app is user-friendly, offering quick access to information that is of critical importance for the livestock producer’s feed programme and marketing efforts. It is a mobile app which can be downloaded from Google Play Store (Android) or the Apple App Store (iOS). The home page is easy to navigate and offers immediate access to the latest Voermol news and articles, as well as current grain and meat prices. Producers can also access useful farming information via the Q&A section, where expert answers to producers’ questions regarding their particular circumstances and feed requirements are displayed.

Most on the app can be read in English or Afrikaans by simply selecting the language of your choice on the home page or from the dropdown menu available in the top left corner of the screen.

Voermol’s excellent product range is available at the click of a button. Each product page contains a complete product description together with the product’s composition as well as its usage instructions and recommended intake.

Quick calculation for better management

The heart of this app, however, can be found in the unique “Feedlot calculator”. This purposeful calculator is easy to use and requires minimal information from the user’s side, after which it produces some very handy information.

Start by selecting the relevant species from the dropdown menu. Then make your selection from a series of readily available information supplied on a standard menu. Other important information that the user has to supply, relates to the input side and entails the current maize price and the roughage price and the price of Voermol’s SB 100 or SS 200.

And there you go! A few simple steps will present the user with access to critical management information – estimated feed cost per kilogram and estimated profit or loss. While the calculator’s results merely serve as a guideline, it offers the producer a very handy management tool, enabling him to direct his marketing plan in the right direction.

The app is free of charge and especially useful to producers who wish to make use of Voermol’s products, as the two fattening concentrates in Voermol’s product line-up are used as standard elements of the cost estimate.

The “Contact us” button gives you access to Voermol’s services and representatives, ensuring quick answers to your questions.

The Voermol app: Another excellent service offering from Voermol.