Quality Assurance
ensures quality animal production

Voermol Feeds subscribes to a strict quality assurance program in order to ensure superior quality products are delivered to our clients.
The quality assurance chain for both incoming raw materials and finished goods leaving the Voermol premises is linked by the Voermol quality assurance laboratory, located within the production area of the factory.

The quality assurance program is strictly applied throughout the production process. Firstly, the feed recipes are controlled by top of the range operating systems which also monitor nutrient levels. The laboratory performs a vital role in ensuring that products are analyzed for critical nutrients during the production process, referred to as “in-production” control points, as well as prior to the release of the products for dispatch. Only once intermediary steps are cleared during the production process, can the next step be engaged to produce the final feed. The final feed is analyzed for the critical specifications, as per registration with the Registrar of Feeds, before the product is released for dispatch.

Cutting Edge Research
and development

Cutting edge research and development

In collaboration with various universities, the company developed many sophisticated feeds and feeding systems, with different products to satisfy different livestock types and meet different climatic conditions. The effectiveness of Voermol’s products and cost-effective feeding systems has been proven in the field, time and again.

with all registration requirements

The product is packed into the appropriate packaging material, weight checked and the necessary medication labels stitched into the seam of the bag. The bag itself contains all the necessary specification levels, registration number, feeding instructions and warnings as prescribed by the Registrar of Feeds to comply with Act no. 36 of 1947.
Act no. 36 of 1947 states that farm feeds must be registered prior to importation, manufacture or sale in South Africa. Farm feed registrations are valid for three years, after which the registration must be renewed. All Voermol products adhere to these requirements and where custom mixes are produced, the same quality control system is used as for registered products.

Safe inclusion requirements
are strictly monitored

Voermol Feeds specializes in producing feed mainly for the ruminant market and therefore utilizes not only natural protein, but also non-protein-nitrogen (NPN), such as urea. Great care is taken to ensure that these products are well within the prescribed safe inclusion limits whilst maintaining the highest possible level of production. As legally prescribed, the protein equivalent from the NPN source is indicated on the label of the bag or packaging material, along with the appropriate NPN warning.
Similarly, where medicaments are included in products for various reasons, including rumen function, feed efficiency, animal performance, to name a few, the guidelines are clear. A product containing medicinal substances such as Ionophores may be registered as an animal feed if the medicinal substance is approved by the appropriate authorities. A database is kept by the Registrar of all registered and approved medicinal substances for use in animal feeds. When adding medicinal substances to animal feeds, special care is taken to ensure the correct amount of this substance is added by referring to the maximum and minimum levels prescribed for the specific animal species and therefore these low inclusion medicaments are included as part of the Premix, also supplying other micro-ingredients.

Quality control audits
enforce strict quality control

In summary, the quality control process needs to be stringently enforced and is never compromised. It is for that reason that Voermol Feeds subscribes to various auditing programs in order to verify the effectiveness of the quality control program. Voermol Feeds complies with the criteria of the AFMA Code of Conduct for the manufacturing of Safe Compound Animal Feedstuffs. The holder of this certification is accredited to meet the relevant legal requirements; follows Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and other criteria including the OSH Act;ensures that those responsible for formulations are registered with the SACNASP; and complies with Basic Conditions of Employment, AgriBEE and so forth. In addition Voermol, including the internal laboratory, is ISO 9001:2015 accredited. This ensures that all quality control systems are in place, all laboratory equipment is properly maintained and the accuracy of analyses is closely monitored.

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