Voermol Energy Block
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Energy Block

Product Code: V11456

VOERMOL ENERGY BLOCK is a feed block with a high energy content in order to increase production:

  • contains protein of a good quality, only 57 % of the protein is derived from NPN sources;
  • is easy to handle which reduces labour costs and wastage;
  • contains the complete range of minerals and trace elements in the correct amounts;
  • part of the trace minerals are supplied in organic form which is highly absorbable and promotes optimal reproduction and growth;
  • contains high levels of vitamin D3 and E. Vitamin E in combination with selenium is a powerful anti-oxidant which strengthens the animal’s immunity. Vitamin D3 helps with the absorption of phosphorus and calcium;
  • contains medicaments which promote energy usage from grazing. They also reduce ketosis, the risk of pregnancy toxaemia and
  • is recommended as a supplement for producing animals such as pregnant sheep and goat ewes; sheep and goat ewes with lambs; cows with calves; young growing animals; flush feeding; fattening of animals on green pastures.
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