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Product Code: V26843

VOERMOL LAMBING PEN PELLETS is a complete balanced feed pellet for late pregnant and lactating sheep and goat ewes in intensive lambing systems:

  • is completely balanced and can be fed as is;
  • is in pellet form which makes it easy to feed with no milling and mixing costs;
  • precision feeding is possible with easily weighed feed amounts in calibrated containers;
  • part of the trace minerals are supplied in a highly absorbable organic form which strengthens the immune system and promotes optimal milk production;
  • contains high levels of Vitamins A, D3 and E. Vitamin E in combination with Selenium is a powerful anti-oxidant which strengthens the animal’s immunity;
  • is molasses based and palatable with good intakes;
  • nutrient intake by late pregnant ewes with multiple fetuses is adequate as a result of the high density pellets;
  • contains sufficient balanced amounts of bypass protein, energy, minerals and trace minerals;
  • contains feed additives to reduce the occurence of digestive disturbances, pregnancy toxaemia and milk fever.
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