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Product Code: V17425

VOERMOL SUPERLAMB PELLETS is a high quality, ready-mixed, supplement for ruminants in pellet form and is specially developed for the finishing of weaner lambs on a dense stand of abundant, actively growing, palatable and lush green natural veld or cultivated pastures of high quality.

  • is easy to handle and convenient to use. It is ideal for situations where problems are experienced with mixing licks due to insufficient labour and/or lick troughs, also where grain is unavailable or too expensive to use;
  • limits wastage and loss because of wind as it is in pellet form;
  • is molasses based, therefore, improves palatability which promotes adequate intake on green pastures and Karoo Shrubs where frequent problems are experienced with lick intake;
  • is urea-free and contains a very high level of good quality natural protein;
  • supplies a high level of natural protein (bypass protein) which promotes muscle growth, stimulates pasture intake and improves feed conversion;
  • supplies a high level of energy and minerals, which, together with bypass protein, improve growth and feed conversion;
  • contains an ammonium salt to help prevent bladder stones in male animals;
  • contains medicaments which improve energy utilisation, accelerate growth, improve feed conversion and assist with the prevention of coccidiosis;
  • can be used as a creep feed for lambs;
  • promotes earlier finishing of weaner lambs by up to 30 days;
  • increases the carcass value of a lean non-marketable animal by improving its grade;
  • requires less input in terms of facilities, management and labour than feedlot finishing and creates a stress free environment;
  • is highly suitable because of its high bypass protein content for late pregnant ewes with twin foetuses, lactating ewes nursing twins, flush feeding of breeding ewes and rams prior to mating, as well as for growing out young replacement ewes on any type of green pastures and Karoo Shrubs. It can also be used as a supplement for rearing rams on pastures. The high bypass protein intake promotes testicular growth and sperm production of rams, which in turn improves the lambing percentage;
  • is a lick and not a complete feed, therefore sufficient green pastures should always be available.

Voermol Superlamb Pellets promotes trouble-free and profitable finishing of weaner lambs on any type of green pastures. The success of a supplement, in pellet form, is partly attributable to the non-selective, even intake thereof as well as the fact that almost all animals will eat it.

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