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Voermol Ram, Lamb and Ewe Pellets

Product Code: V26842

VOERMOL RAM, LAMB AND EWE PELLETS is a completely balanced feed pellet for the feeding of all sheep and goats:

  • can be fed as is and is completely balanced;
  • is in pellet form which makes it easy to feed with no milling and mixing costs;
  • is precisely mixed, promotes optimum feed utilisation and eliminates wastage;
  • is molasses based and therefore palatable with good intakes;
  • can be fed as a supplementary feed to rams, lambs and ewes on the veld;
  • is an ideal supplementary feed for sheep and goats that are kept in an enclosure or pen overnight;
  • contains anionic salts and can therefore safely be fed to rams;
  • contains sufficient balanced amounts of protein, energy, minerals and trace minerals for general use in sheep and goats nutrition;
  • promotes good production.
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