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Product Code: V7535

VOERMOL BEEFMAKER is a feedlot concentrate used for the fattening of cattle where little or no hay is available:

  • is available in meal or pellet form. The feeding and mixing instructions are the same for both the pellet or meal;
  • contains the necessary protein (both NPN and natural protein) which feedlot cattle require;
  • contains the necessary effective fibre roughage from sugar cane pith;
  • contains the necessary additives which stimulate growth and improve feed conversion;
  • contains Vitamin A, minerals and trace minerals which are necessary for a correctly balanced ration.

Voermol Beefmaker enables the feedlot operator to fatten cattle without the use of hay; is a “home mixture without mixing or milling”;

  • offers the feedlot operator the cost advantages of home mixing without the management and additional costs involved in feed processing;
  • eliminates the harvest, storage and processing of roughage and the risks and costs are also avoided;
  • results in good feed conversion efficiencies. Once the feedlot cattle have been adapted to this kind of feeding, they regulate their own grain and Voermol Beefmaker intake. This self regulation results in the cattle consuming increasing amounts of the energy fraction of the ration as the fattening period increases. It is this increased grain intake that results in good feed conversion efficiencies;
  • is an advanced product of Voermol research. Thanks to the Beefmaker System, you are able to enjoy the benefits of years of intensive research done by Voermol into more profitable finishing methods;
  • the best results are obtained when Voermol Beefmaker is used with hominy chop;
  • the best results with Voermol Beefmaker are achieved if fed to a heavier calf with an initial weight of 250 kg or more;
  • feeding period should be limited to a maximum of 120 days. A longer feeding period will increase the risk for mortalities.
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