Korn Kandy
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Korn Kandy

Product Code: V1551

VOERMOL KORN KANDY is a liquid concentrate for the enrichment of grains by the addition of protein, vitamin A, mineral buffers and medicaments:

  • is a safe and convenient way of feeding grain as it is buffered and contains medicaments;
  • contains medicaments which help limit coccidiosis in lambs and calves. Furthermore it raises the blood-glucose level which helps to prevent pregnancy toxaemia (domsiekte) and ketosis;
  • is highly recommended to add an additional bypass protein source;
  • limits abortions in heavily pregnant Angora ewes;
  • is easy to use. Eliminates the need for feed troughs. Enriched grain can be fed on hard surfaces in the veld;
  • is not dusty; therefore there is less wastage and it is handled easily;
  • is a versatile product with many applications for the feeding of sheep, goats and cattle;
  • is a well balanced concentrate with the correct levels of all the essential minerals, trace minerals and protein. It therefore converts the grain into a safer balanced supplement.
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