Voermol Landelek - Protein, Mineral & Trace Mineral Supplement for Cattle
Protein Licks


Product Code: V15414

VOERMOL LANDELEK is a ready-mixed lick for preventing acidosis on crop residue or maize fields. It has been developed to manage the feeding problems and deficiencies in crop residues of summer grains and stubble fields of small grains:

  • contains buffers to control acidosis;
  • contains anionic salts to limit the development/formation of bladder stones;
  • contains medicaments which improve energy utilisation, accelerate growth, improve feed conversion and assist with the prevention of coccidiosis;
  • contains medium quality bypass protein and at least 32.7 % of the protein is derived from natural protein sources;
  • supplies sufficient amounts of all seven essential trace minerals;
  • is a molasses based product which is palatable and ensures a good intake. In addition, the lick will not blow away in the wind.
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