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Maxi Block

Product Code: V17424

VOERMOL MAXI BLOCK is a high quality lick block for sheep and goats, with a high bypass protein, energy and mineral content which improves production and reproduction on pastures, especially dry pastures.

  • is easy to handle and convenient to use. It is ideal for situations where problems are experienced with mixing licks due to insufficient labour and/or lick troughs, also where grain is unavailable or too expensive to use;
  • limits wastage and loss due to wind since it is in block form;
  • is molasses based which improves palatability and ensures better intake;
  • contains intake inhibitors to regulate intake;
  • is a lick and not a complete feed, therefore sufficient pasture or roughage should always be available;
  • provides a high level of natural protein (bypass protein), energy and minerals which improves production and reproduction;
  • contains good quality natural protein, only 31.6 % is derived from urea;
  • is, as a result of its high bypass protein content, highly suitable as a production lick for late pregnant and lactating sheep, Angora and Boer goat ewes, flush feeding of ewes and for the growing out of young replacement ewes;
  • is highly suitable as a production lick for wethers, dry ewes and ewes in their first three months of pregnancy on very low quality dry pasture;
  • can be fed to grass-eating game (i.e. ruminants) on dry pasture and
  • ensures a high intake of bypass protein, which has the following advantages:
    • reduces lamb mortality in small stock, since it stimulates udder development and subsequently increases colostrum and milk production; improves mothering ability and lamb vigour at birth, as well as limiting birth problems, ketosis and milk fever;
    • reduces lamb mortality as it prevents the occurrence of abnormally thick and viscous colostrum. This “condensed milk” type colostrum is related to high lamb mortality as it bears relation to low colostrum and milk production, as well as delayed onset of lactation;
    • increases lamb and calf growth and reduces the appearance of tail end and orphaned lambs since it stimulates milk production;
    • improves growth of young animals as a result of improved muscle growth. Leads to increased weaning mass and improved growing out of young animals (e.g. replacement ewes), which enhances lifetime reproduction potential;
    • improves wool growth of woolled sheep and fibre growth of Angora goats as well as wool and fibre quality. Simultaneously it improves the staple strength of wool fibres which leads to a price premium;
    • stimulates the intake of roughage, as well as that of green and dry pasture and subsequently improves production and
    • reduces the impact of parasite infestation on the productivity of animals because it increases the immunological responsiveness of animals, especially in times of stress (e.g. mating, late pregnancy, parturition, weaning, etc.).

Voermol Maxi Block is easy to use and promotes profitable production of meat, wool or fibre of ruminants on pasture, especially dry pastures. Feeding Voermol Maxi Block is less intrusive during lambing, improves maternal behavior and reduces the likelihood of lambs being separated from their dams, provided that new blocks are put out before the old ones are completely finished. The process of putting out blocks should be conducted calmly and carefully and blocks should be distributed in the lambing paddocks.

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