Maxiwol Concentrate
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Maxiwol Concentrate

Product Code: V4985

VOERMOL MAXIWOL CONCENTRATE is a high quality lick concentrate used for the home mixing of licks, and is specially formulated to promote wool and fibre growth and to stimulate udder, colostrum and milk production in sheep and goats:

  • mixed with salt it promotes the production of wool, fibre and mutton because it has a relatively high percentage of natural protein;
  • provides a high level of bypass protein which will significantly increase the performance of producing animals (see Voermol Maxiwol Production Pellets on p. 40);
  • helps to stimulate roughage intake and improve production;
  • is adaptable, the salt level can be varied to obtain the desired intake;
  • is a molasses based product which does not blow away and ensures good intake because it is palatable;
  • has a relatively low urea content and a high content of natural protein which make it suitable for other applications such as growing out of replacement ewes.

VOERMOL MAXIWOL CONCENTRATE can also be used as an HPC for dairy rations.

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