Molasses Meal
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Molasses Meal

Product Code: V1995

VOERMOL MOLASSES MEAL contains molasses syrup and is a good source of energy:

  • improves the palatability, texture and appearance of any feed or lick;
  • reduces dustiness and separation of feed and licks;
  • at an inclusion of between 5 % and 10 % to feeds it will act as a good binder during the pelleting process;
  • stimulates the appetite of sick animals due to the high content of B Vitamins and trace minerals;
  • is a versatile product with many practical applications and can be used as a partial substitute for grains;
  • can be used in rations/licks for dairy cattle, feedlot cattle, sheep, goats and ostriches as well as in cattle and ruminant game licks.
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