Voermol Premix 450 - Protein & Trace Mineral Supplement for Cattle
Protein Licks

Premix 450

Product Code: V4676

VOERMOL PREMIX 450 is a cost effective, ready-mixed maintenance lick for cattle on dry veld:

  • stimulates intake and digestion of dry roughage as it provides protein, minerals and vitamins which stimulate the micro-organisms in the rumen;
  • helps prevent dry gall sickness because molasses is mildly laxative;
  • provides trace elements essential for a healthy appetite;
  • contains rumen-protected vitamin A to increase stability in the rumen and improve overall bioavailability. This leads to improved fertility, immunity and health, and milk production and quality;
  • is a concentrated source of protein which results in lower cost per unit of protein.
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