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SB 100

Product Code: V4498

VOERMOL SB 100 is an economical and easy-to-feed concentrate for cattle. Simply mix with maize or other grain and mix together with roughage.

The “VOERMOL SYSTEM”, where concentrates and roughage are fed separately of ‘free choice’, has the following advantages:

  • Easy adaptation because animals choose a high roughage ration in the beginning of the fattening period and eat more and more concentrate as they adapt, to end with an average roughage intake calculation of more or less 12 % of the ration over the entire feed period;
  • Roughage need not be mixed or milled, which saves costs;
  • Concentrate can be fed on the veld which saves the cost of building a feedlot and the cost of harvesting roughage.

VOERMOL SB 100 is molasses based and is therefore more palatable which promotes intake:

  • can be fed with whole maize to cattle thus saving costs. Whenever old cows or oxen are fed, maize meal must be used;
  • contains medicaments which reduce feed intake while mass gains are maintained which may improve feed conversion. They also reduce the risk of coccidiosis in calves.

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