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SS 200

Product Code: V8592

VOERMOL SS 200 is a fattening concentrate for finishing of lambs, sheep and goats and for growing out young animals. Mix Voermol SS 200 with maize meal, whole barley and roughage.

  • Where the concentrate mixture and roughage are fed ad lib., but separately, make use of the “VOERMOL SYSTEM” (see pages 53 and 54).

This feeding programme has the following advantages:

  • Easy adaptation because sheep choose a high roughage ration (± 30 % roughage) in the beginning of the fattening period and eat more and more concentrate as they adapt, to end with an average roughage intake of more or less 15 % of the ration over the entire feeding period. This guarantees excellent feed conversion;
  • Roughage need not be milled or mixed, which saves costs;
  • A concentrate mixture (200 kg SS 200 + 800 kg grain) can be fed on abundant dry veld to finish animals. This saves on the costs of operating a feedlot and baling of roughage.

VOERMOL SS 200 promotes feed intake because it is more palatable due to the addition of molasses syrup:

  • contains medicaments which may improve feed conversion by between 10 – 15 %, thus increasing profit margins;
  • used as recommended, it is ideal for the fattening of sheep and growing out of young animals because it contains a mixture of different natural protein sources;
  • can also be used as a creep feed. The high content of good quality natural protein as well as the medicaments, is of great advantage to young animals and it also helps to limit coccidiosis in lambs;
  • contains anionic salt to limit bladder stones;
  • contains seven essential trace minerals and Vitamin A to improve performance.

To ensure optimum feed conversion it is important for animals to be inoculated, dosed and implanted with an ear implant (growth stimulant). Animals should always be adapted slowly and steadily over a period of 10 – 14 days to the feedlot ration. Additional hay should be supplied ad lib. during the adaptation period. Start with 100 g of the feedlot ration per animal on the first day and increase the ration every day thereafter by 100 g/animal. Follow a vaccination programme for feedlot diseases, as prescribed by a veterinarian. Voermol SS 200 promotes trouble free and cost effective finishing of animals.

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