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Winslek Concentrate

Product Code: V17865

VOERMOL WINSLEK CONCENTRATE is a lick concentrate for the mixing of a good quality maintenance or production lick as a supplement to any type of dry pasture (i.e. dry natural grass veld, Karoo Shrubs and mixed Karoo veld as well as crop residues) to improve the utilisation thereof:

  • mixed with salt, it provides a good quality protein and energy-rich maintenance lick, which limits mass loss on dry pasture;
  • mixed with grain and salt, it provides a production lick with good quality natural protein and a high energy content, which improves mass gain and production on dry pasture;
  • is a molasses based product which does not blow away in the wind and ensures good intake because it is palatable;
  • contains urea dissolved in molasses, which reduces the risk of urea poisoning;
  • supplies urea and bypass protein that respectively provide ammonia and amino acids and stimulate growth of the rumen microorganisms, which in turn improve digestion and intake of the dry pasture;
  • supplies protein which stimulates appetite and subsequently reduces selective grazing, thereby improving the utilisation of unpalatable dry pasture;
  • contains adequate sulphur which improves the conversion of urea nitrogen to protein in the rumen, hence ensuring effective utilisation of urea and other non-protein nitrogen sources;
  • supplies a moderate level of bypass protein, which stimulates pasture intake and subsequently improves production and reproduction;
  • is rich in potassium, which helps to prevent dry gall sickness on dry pasture;
  • supplies a high level of trace minerals in the correct ratio to enhance the animal’s trace mineral status, which stimulates appetite, improves production and reproduction and enhances the animal’s immunity;
  • supplies Vitamin A, which is limited in dry pasture;
  • contains no medicaments or products of animal origin and is therefore suitable for the production of naturally produced meat (e.g. Natural Lamb and Beef) and
  • Winslek Concentrate mixtures are licks and not complete feeds, therefore adequate roughage in the form of dry pasture, hay or straw should always be available ad lib.

Maintenance and Production lick mixtures of Voermol Winslek Concentrate promotes cost-effective production of meat, wool and fibre.

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